The Indian extended family provides a sort of shelter.

Get your priorities straight.

I had some work that I needed to do.

I just talked to the person in charge.

He hurt his hand falling.

Dress warmly so you won't get chilled.

Come on, touch it.


The pressure for tax reform is growing.

He weighed the stone in his hand.

Luck had nothing to do with it.

Billy didn't even kiss Miles.

We've always been told to do what's best for us.

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Really smart, that Sphinx!

The pigs aren't in the pen.

I've been with this guy in some serious takedowns.


Say what you will, he won't accept your invitation.

That box is heavy.

I think Agatha forgot his camera.

I'm about to have lunch.

There were countless stars in the sky.


The movie gained her great popularity.


Can you pick me up at the station?


Tell Spyros we're too tired to come over tonight.

I'll tell him when to go.

Alf never got the chance to do that.

Let's get together again next year.

What is your home phone number?


Let me know when you're ready to leave.

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Don't be fooled by her angelic looks.

I want to apologize to all of you for what just happened.

I'm glad Tommy did that.

Everybody here knows your name.

Hotta is now in trouble.

Can you see?

I can't do it anymore.


My uncle has a good knowledge of French.

The state is going to reform its drug policies.

Do you want me to leave?

What's the next step to be done?

We'll be here waiting.

Why did you do it, Hurf?

I'm going to sign up for a French class next semester.

You should have your car washed.

You need a Nintendo DS to play the latest Pokemon game.

I have seen it a lot.

I hope that my sister will pass the entrance examination.

What's the reason that made you call me?

The first step towards dealing with a problem is accepting that it exists.

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They stepped a few paces forward.

This is where I absolutely disagree with you.

Rupert is taking a tremendous chance.

They don't get along.

This failure was brought about by your own negligence.


She is Italian.

The news spread fast.

He meets me today evening at six o'clock.

Bing-bong ... bing-bong ... "Oh-oh. The class bell!"

I heard that you helped Kikki find a job.

Some day, you will see me.

I've eaten too much today.


Marci is almost fully dressed.

We haven't fixed the final details of the budget.

Harmon thinks we're in some kind of rut.

I am planning to visit Kyoto, and Nara as well.

You're upset with me, aren't you?

Cole is the one responsible for this.

The phrase 'honest politician' is an oxymoron.


Julie gains 20 pounds every month from her eating binge.

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We can finish later.

What happened to all those people?

Gabriel often feels drowsy after eating lunch.


I don't think that'll happen.

The teacher corrected the composition that I had prepared.

Vistlik is not just cute, she's a real beauty.

John has not come yet, but when he does, I will call you.

They knew me.

What're you doing with this?

It's for your own good.

Everyone in America can easily have a gun if he wants it.

Lori can do the splits.

I don't like early morning meetings.

He rescued a girl from drowning and was given a reward.


You should talk. You only got a 65.


Kari doesn't know what Vishal is like.

He helped an old lady get up from her seat.

We just want to go home.

He agreed to be here at 6.

Imogen of the Internet blatantly forsakes web accessibility guidelines when redesigning her Tumblr for the twelfth time today.

I'm not sure I trust her.

The time may come when people will have used up all the oil.

I'm studying the English drama.

You should tell Herve where to put that.

He is tired from overwork.

You just want to preserve the logographic tradition with your new constructed language.

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I saw Bob last Monday walking in the park with Hirotoshi.

I believe Pantelis will do that.

Her dream is to visit Paris.

He is itchy.

Knudsen stayed there for an hour.


Can we do it before Monday?


Rathnakumar practiced very hard every day.

While I was walking down the street as an ordinary pedestrian, I saw my predecessor in a limousine.

Hillary should talk less.

Skeeter told Becky why she shouldn't go out with John.

She wanted a better job than cleaning office floors.

He is a medical student.

Tokyo seems to have got the message from Washington.


Japan achieved a remarkable development in industrial technology after the war.

It's not right for you to do something bad just because someone else has done something bad.

Hello, I'm so hungry!

Look here.

I'd never go back to eating meat.

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How old is the captain?

He won the third prize.

I'm not so sure it was time to leave.

For many years, the abbey was turned into a fortress, happily joining in itself martial and religious architecture.

Raymond has more questions.

Butler got engaged.

Yesterday the teacher said to us, "I'll give you a test tomorrow."


Monica is one of my technicians.


I don't know why you even bother to come here anymore.

Love is like measles - everyone should experience it.

I could neither see nor hear the speaker.

He wanted it.

Nathan went far away.


Trevor likes Boston, doesn't he?


I'm not too worried.

I can't stand raw fish.

I'm not related to him.

Well, I did a nice job painting the ceiling, if I do say so myself.

The branches were bowed down with oranges.

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Don't go out after dark.

We'll have so much fun.

We acted in good faith.

Don't hide under the bed.

When was the last time you felled a tree?

"When did you return?" "I came back the day before yesterday."

He carried a bag full of apples.


Have you ever dreamt about Taninna?

Rudolf is hiding in the closet.

Cezanne is famous for his landscapes.

This thread tangles easily.

Would you like me to ask around for you?

The phone is out of order.

I had a strange experience last night.

That's not appropriate here.

Don't hit the wrong button.

Gypsy's girlfriend is three years younger than he is.

Why are you drying your hair?

I always made my mother proud.

At what time did the show finish?


He stayed there all the time.


Take care when you climb up the ladder.

Why do physicists converge? Because they're monotonous and narrow.

Billie ate until he was full.

She is one of my friends.

I admire your scruples, Laurence.

I'm short, so I can't see on top of the shelves and so I pretty much dust by touch.

I hadn't expected anyone to be home.


I traveled all through the Netherlands.


Have you vomited yet?

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Thanks for seeing me off.

I never thought I'd see Keith again.

It should be possible to get to Boston by 2:30.

You didn't tell him, did you?

He did run.