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"How To Take Your Company Public Including Start-Ups"

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About Us

We are the "going public" experts. If you would like to go public you will be guided by the president of our company who is an experienced Securities Attorney with over 30 years experience in the field of Securities Law.

The services we offer include:

  • Going Public Services
  • Take Your company public directly without a public shell
  • Customize and build a new public shell corporation for consultants and advisors*
  • Introductions to capital sources
  • Investor Relations consulting
  • (Securities and Exchange Commission) documentation filed for public companies
  • CPA prepared business plans.
  • Meetings with investment bankers.

We can assist your company in going public. We will take your company public without a public shell.If you are an advisor or financing source we can customize and build a new public shell company for you. The president of our company is an experienced securities attorney.

*If you are a CPA, Lawyer or other consultant that may come across companies that wish to go public, we can build and customize a public shell company for you. We can make a new public shell corporation that is called a blank check company. The public shell corporation can be formed and registered with the SEC to go out and engage in a merger with a company. This will allow your client's private companies to become public companies almost immediately.

For a free consultation or if you would like additional information on the going public process please give us a call at 310-271-2711 or email us at (859) 402-4105

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Why Go Public

The long term benefits of being publicly traded are numerous and can include: improved liquidity, higher company valuation, the ability to make acquisitions, attract and retain employees with the company's stock and greater access to capital at a lower cost. In addition, being a publicly traded enterprise allows a company to make acquisitions with its stock, since public company stock can be viewed as currency for mergers and acquisitions. Moreover, public trading status often leads to a higher price at a later offering of a company's securities.

How To Go Public

We will guide you in the process of becoming a public company, from start to finish. Contact us for additional information at (310) 271-2711 or email us at 631-420-5695 and one of our courteous staff members will be happy to assist you. To get our free reports on the going public process, click 5138542342 

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"How To Take Your Company Public Including Start Ups"

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For additional information on the going public process - and a free consultation - please give us a call at (310) 271-2711 and one of our courteous representatives will be more than glad to assist you. You may also email us at info(at)

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