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ClearSCADA Mobile is a useful add-on to ClearSCADA. It can consolidate data from several systems and provide it to remote users in their handheld or tablet devices. Because it is not easy here are some instructions on how to set it up! Disclaimer: I am putting this together so I can remember how to do […]


ClearSCADA Email Settings – Office 365 Shared Mailbox

ClearSCADA has the ability to send email notifications (alarm notifications) and also receive acknowledgement via email. The settings are not always easy to get right. Here are the settings required for outgoing and incoming email for an Office 365 Shared Mailbox. Outgoing Mail (SMTP) Settings: Server: smtp.office365.com Port: 587 TLS Protocol: TLS 1.2 Account: user@domain.com […]


What is SCADA? What is IoT?

I recently went on a work trip with one of my new programmers. He peppered me with questions on the entire trip, which was great. During our days away we worked on changing IP addresses for a small network of IP based radios. We struggled HARD to get everything connected and working again with the […]

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This week marks year two of attending the Well Site Automation conference in Houston. Last year there were lots of presenters who mentioned MQTT and IoT architectures. This year the focus was on data analytics, but IoT came up lots in the presentations. I only attended two days this year. Day one definitely had a […]


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Well the IIoT revolution is here. There is a lot to learn. SCADA has a lot of similarities to IoT but there are a lot of differences. To keep ahead I ordered a couple of these IoT Gateways from Elecsys Corp. The units came in on Friday. Jaden and I cracked the box towards the […]

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