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From a distance, that stone looks like a person's face.

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This new car belongs to her.

My father and I clear the table in my family.

I visit Tatoeba almost every day.

Max had no objection.

Were there others with you?


Michiel couldn't quite understand it.

He was bullied as a kid.

Wash the quinces thoroughly.

Lui used to work for our company.

You're Vic's friend.


Did you get everything you wanted?


What makes you think I don't like your friends?

Sandy drew a picture of a dog.

Dorothy lived in Boston for three years before moving back to Chicago.

This is a rainy day.

I'll do anything you wish.

Doraemon smiles often.

He slipped on the ice.

This is a little bit too loose around my waist.

Win is about to get married for the third time.

Naim thought that Micah would help him.

I want to look like Saad.

I'll go shopping this afternoon, though I don't have much money.

We pay the kid next door to mow our lawn.

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He tried to lighten the mood.


I'd like to thank everyone who helped.


What colour is orange?


Stanislaw reached for the coffee.

Amy drives an older car.

You really have a passion for food.

I wish I could change that, but I can't.

It was handcrafted.


Unfortunately, I missed seeing the movie.

You sold your soul to the devil and didn't get anything in return? What's wrong with you!?

Curtis comes here three or four times a month.

I've never tried doing this before.

My husband's not in town.


I know you want to talk to us.

We're going hunting.

He sprang a new request on us.

Patrick's hair is always greasy and dirty.

Stacey plans to swim as soon as he finishes his homework.

An iron curtain has descended across the Continent.

The saddest part of the story remains to be told.

We're Hungarians.

Did you listen to the MP3 file I sent you?

Matthieu considered it.

We have to get rid of her.

Please pass the note around.

They believe him.


Please do not write in this library book.

It's my birthday today. I'm already eighteen.

There was a lull in the festivities as Fred was carted off to the infirmary by the emergency medical technicians.

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I'll have it done before 2:30.

I'm still riveted by day-long sports.

I don't like kids.

Did Dawn say anything about Sergei?

Could I borrow your lawn mower?


He is to start tomorrow.

Ping took thousands of pictures.

My grandmother is very old.

Jim's father always comes home late.

Wes will come back. I'm sure he will.

We aren't married.

I want to participate in the protest.

Carl was happy working in the garden.

I found his pretentious demeanor quite disconcerting.

Where did you get this money?

Does Stephan study after dinner?


Do you have any day tours?

I didn't do anything with them.

I don't feel like going out on such a day.


Darci resisted the temptation to lean over and kiss Alexis.


You can see from the soot on the walls that the fire reached this floor as well.


On graduating from college, she got married.

I'd say we are definitely in for a bad time.

It is impossible for you to succeed.

Are we alone in the universe?

We have shut the door.

I haven't seen Xiaowang for a month now; perhaps he's already gone back to his own country.

I don't want to see him anymore.


I could smell the alcohol on his breath.


I thought you already did that.

I still can't reach her.

There's no need to cry like a baby.

The ruler is short.

Earth has bad luck as not everyone eats sushi.


They were beasts in human skins and not true man at all.

Our eyes can detect light.

Louie and Margot weren't alone.

The meeting was well attended.

My father doesn't just smoke, he drinks too.

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Ned had no idea who you were.

He is eating.

Fear often exaggerates danger.


Rob isn't strict enough with his students.

Father made a long tear in his sleeve.

His criticism only referred to incidental matters.

What is a computer?

Was it your idea?

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He loves singing.

An increased vaccination rate for children resulted in a concomitant decrease in communicable diseases.

The fountain is lit with multi-colored lights.

Would you mind giving me your chocolate cake recipe?

I'm still angry.

Make sure you don't forget to apologize.

I'm going to stay just a little bit longer.

I faxed Barbara the information he asked for.

The house was burnt to ashes.

It's hot.

He was visibly bothered.

This is where human beings and animals greatly differ.

I'll go and see Terrance.

Roland never would've left without telling me first.

Freedom is usually equated with doing whatever you like.

You must swear to keep your promise.

I'd like you to accompany him.

The police searched that house to be sure the stolen shoes were not there.

Kaleidoscopic prints saturate my blank mind, creating vital memories and burning thoughts.

I failed to get the position I wanted.

A driver is deeply attached to his old car.

It was not until the baby was fed that he stopped crying.

Tanya has many friends living in Boston.


What you've heard about me isn't true.


Do not touch the plug of the AC power cord with wet hands.


I do serve you in this business.

Is this your first investigation?

Hartmann stayed in Boston for the summer.

Moreover, he went on and on and on and on, detailing every single lawless act he committed.

I don't even have a job.


The heroin isn't a good thing, stay away from it!

Oleg married Ram for her money.

What do we want here?

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I feel helpless sometimes.

What happened can't be undone.

I'd like to be alone for a few minutes please.

Sue lit the oven.

Bradford looks a little uncomfortable.

Betty got over the shock.

I'll look after you.

We are to have met yesterday.

Dan shot Matt in self-defence.

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Nine FIFA officials have been arrested and charged with racketeering and bribery.

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We didn't see him.

I'll always take care of you.

The moment she was alone she opened the letter.

I take a bath every morning in summer.

She talks a lot about his father.


I'd like to thank you for your cooperation.

"Look what I just bought." "What is it?"

Win and Malaclypse usually go to school by bicycle.

Do you think there's a connection?

It's nothing personal, Dan. I'm just doing my job.

I've started exercising more intensively for a shorter amount of time.

Try to put these papers in order.


Shutoku hasn't yet moved out of his apartment.

She is rather an idealist.

Heidi hasn't called the police yet.

You really believe in ghosts?

The neighbours see that the mailbox hasn't been emptied.

She washed the car.

Ragnar didn't help much.

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She has a lot of experience team teaching.

I was impressed by the general knowledge of Japanese students.

You were born to be real, not to be perfect.