Brahma Brahma is the Hindu god of Creation, the first god in the Trimurti (Hindu Trinity). Brahma presides over 'Brahmaloka,' a universe that contains all the splendors of the earth and all other worlds..
Vishnu Vishnu is the second god in the Hindu triumvirate. This trinity consists of three gods who are responsible for the creation, upkeep and destruction of the world. While Brahma “creates” and Shiva “destroys”, Vishnu “preserves” the world. .
Shiva Shiva is commonly known as, “The Destroyer”, the third god of the Hindu Trinity. In the process of creation, Shiva is the primal being and the maker of the other members of the Trimurti, symbolized by the Wisdom of The Serpent. However, despite representing destruction, this could also be seen as a positive force since Creation follows Destruction..

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