FoM Emailer

Send newsletters in three easy steps

Step 1

Create a template

Templates provide the content of your emails. You can create and edit them through a WYSIWYG editor, or build them with other software like DreamWeaver and then simply paste in the HTML source code.

In your templates, you can use placeholders like [NAME] or [EMAIL] which will be automatically populated with appropriate values when the email gets sent.

Step 2

Define a recipient list

Create rules for specifying which users should be emailed: e.g. everybody based on the Charing Cross campus or everybody who joined after 1st January 2010.

Keep in mind that the rules are evaluated at the time the email is sent, so it is possible for the users found by a rule to vary day-to-day.

Step 3

Send an email campaign

Once you've built your templates and recipient lists, create an email campaign and send some emails.

The system will log who has been emailed and when they open the email (NB: some email clients cannot be tracked).

You can optionally define Google Analytics settings to track your emails directly in Google Analytics.