Do Any of These Resonate with You or Your Family?

  • Are you alone?  Do you have anyone to help you if something should happen?
  • Are you able to get to your parent(s) or get HELP for your parent(s) on a moments notice?
  • You or your loved one has had a health event and you need to know what to do next – and you can’t wait two weeks to get in to see your family doc
  • Your Mom or Dad has been diagnosed with a health condition and you do not live near them to provide support
  • Your child has been diagnosed with a disease or health condition
  • Your spouse has experienced a health event and needs assistance
  • You need to understand where you can go for care for your loved one, immediately
  • You are looking for information on the next steps you and your family need to take for a family situation or health event
  • You are confused as to what to do next
  • You are confused as to your options
  • The healthcare system has confused you

We will help you immediately navigate our complex health care system and get the best support and strategies to get the best care for yourself or your family member.

Nurse Navigator

Why Nurse Navigator?

The Healthcare System needs help. It is disjointed, cumbersome and not technology friendly for patients and their families.  There is a growing demand to simplify navigation of the healthcare system for patients and their families.  NurseNavigator does this.  We have a team of professional nurses skilled in your particular care concern, whenever possibly, located or experienced in the community of the patient.  They speak with the patient or family directly and truly make a scary and often panicked situation manageable. 

Clients are charged only for the time they speak with the nurse and are not billed until the call has been completed with satisfaction.

We are passionate about supporting networks that help women escape abusive relationships and give them hope for the future so a portion of all proceeds will go to a local Women's Shelter.