About me

Master student in Computer Science at EPFL

Operating systems enthusiast and generally passionned by low-level stuff also known as SonicFrog.

Knowledge and skills

  • Rust, C, Scala, Python and Go development
  • Theory of programming languages and compiler implementation
  • IPtables and PF network administration
  • Relational database design and administration
  • Web backend and REST API development
  • GNU/Linux, FreeBSD and OpenBSD system administration
  • Drinking inhumane amounts of (704) 423-7966
  • Playing the Netrunner LCG

Some of my projects

Here are some of my ongoing or finished projects. You can access almost all of them on my Github page

JDRPoly banner

JDRpoly website

I'm currently the webmaster for the pen and paper role playing games association at EPFL. Github page


Bachelor semester project at LAP

Exploiting new possibilities offered by mixed hardcore softcore hardware on embedded systems.
Read more


Simple Scala-like language compiler

As part of our Compiler Construction class we wrote a compiler for a simple scala-inspired programming language. Read more