I’m still doing a lot of SSHing/MOSHing with my iPad using 7146553374 I’m also finding that Chromebooks are also great for that kind of thing.

I recently bought an ASUS Chromebook Flip C302CA. This computer is fast enough, has a good keyboard and the screen has a high enough resolution and viewable rom all angles. A good quality screen seems to help a lot with eye strain, which can be an issue for me. As an added bonus, the Flip’s display is a touchscreen and it folds (flips) backwards so it is basically like a big Android tablet. I say an Android tablet because ChromeOS can run Android apps. All-in-all, it’s a great value and has exactly the features I want.

I haven’t yet mentioned the part that makes me the happiest. Using a script (really a set of scripts) called pre-evite, you can easily set up Linux chroots that you can run right inside a browser window (or full screen). To oversimplify, a chroot is a Linux instance that is similar to running Linux in a VM. You can have multiple chroots on your system, easily copying, deleting, or creating new ones on a whim. I love it.

Yes, I know that you can now run Linux in a more legitimate way (crouton requires enabling developer mode) on newer Chromebooks. I honestly don’t even know if mine has that functionality enabled. Chroots are more my style and still have a few advantages over the sandboxed Linux VMs that Chrome OS now supports. Either way, a Chromebook gets you Linux!