I'm giving them to him tomorrow.


Dan forgot to wear gloves.


Your father was right.


The accused made up a false story in the court.

I buy donuts every Sunday after church.

You're way too drunk.

Aaron doesn't know how to have a good time.

She misgives me I'm in great trouble.


I didn't get an email from her today.

I picked Ti's pocket.

Are they hostile or friendly?

I hate my parents.

First, let's talk about what Len did.

Apparently, this is what we should do.

There is no cure for personality.

I love her so much I would die for her.

I'll do it in my spare time.

He didn't have time to read.

I'm tired now.

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I thank my lucky stars that I'm still alive.

Syd became a surgeon.

My parents cut me a generous check to help me get out from under all my credit card debt.

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It's raining. You might just as well stay home.

How does it work?

This dictionary is as useful as that one.


I'm a little thirsty myself.


I finished all my work early.

Philippe will assist us.

I'm going into her house.

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I managed to finish preparing for tomorrow's lesson.


He was stupid enough to believe what she said.

It's not important which of the two books you pick.

That word is very difficult to translate.


I'd like to see your sister.

Janice didn't start to write songs until he was thirty.

I do not support the theory that one has to study Latin in order to understand English better.


On finishing university, I started working right away.


Your answer is still incorrect.

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Sharada washed the potatoes.

Daryl put up a fight.

She should be here soon.

The politician's speech was offensive.

Hunger can make people do stupid things.

Have you seen her recently?

Stefan just watches.


Their confusion is understandable.

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Floyd, hold your horses.

Though it's now January, it's warm like early spring.

I don't have the letter on me now.

She must have been very beautiful when she was young.

Contrary to popular belief, Cliff isn't that naive.

Terrence never drinks coffee this late in the day.

Does Toufic know what you've done?

We are under his command.

That's what I'm proud of.

Honzo is as gentle as a lamb.

He cleaned it up.

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Stephan has been a nervous wreck ever since we arrived.

I ducked just in time to avoid the punch aimed at me.

Cary isn't stronger than me.

Joon didn't much like what he saw.

Is it possible that you're wrong?

Would you teach me to surf?

That is a brilliant idea that will enable us to dedicate our undivided attention to the work again.

Can you please correct my translation?

My sister insisted on going with me.


I can't feel my legs.

Can you imagine doing this by yourself?

Hugh looked busy.


She went out of the room in silence and closed the door.

It was a most difficult problem.

I haven't made a mistake yet.

A burglar broke into the shop yesterday.

You'll certainly pass the coming exam.

I hunt elk in my leisure-time.

Do you understand the difference between right and wrong?


I think I've overstayed my welcome.

The plane came in 30 minutes late.

I can't fire her.

It's been a while since the last time.

Do you know what room Polly is in?

My husband often fails to understand what I mean.

During mating season many animals exude strong fragrances.

Maybe you should ask Sanand.

We're introverted.

She made clothes for her dolls with her mom.

Will you please call me a taxi?


Mom let the children eat cookies.

The President of Georgia acknowledged the defeat of his party in the elections.

Your face is pasted.


At home, he always read lying down.

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I am going to go right away.

Three of my children died.

In the room there were four boys, who were playing cards.


We will someday make the world a better place.


That boy is completely nuts. He doesn't follow any rules.

What sort of things make you feel sad?

I'll go see if Ima is ready to go.

Fletcher has been treating you fairly, hasn't he?

That sounds like a train.

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The sun and moon are often in the sky together.

He took the liberty of writing to the lady.

Rajiv offers his glass to Graeme.

Just once, I'd like to get a hole-in-one some day.

You're taller than I am.

I'll keep my fingers crossed for you.

Aren't the boys staying with you?

They fought in the cause of justice.

I am feeling quite pleased about what you've said.

All the people praised him for his honesty.

That makes no difference to me.

Who's working tonight?

Gabriel doesn't have to thank me.

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There are no distractions.


Why are you wearing a suit?

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We've always been good friends.

Izzy choked back tears as he gave his mother's eulogy.

Each one is different.

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My brother is a professor.

I provided him with food.

They thought they were invincible.


I'm not going to pay for that wall.

Are you planning on starting your own business?

I thought you were different.

Let it be ever so humble, there is no place like home.

He measures the time with a clock radio.

Can you take a look in your bag? I put my mobile phone in it.

Neither of us has strayed.

How well she plays the piano!

He stood stock still.

I've never seen them wear hats.

Almost there.

I'm not completely prepared for this.

He will run for mayor.

You can see the Skytree from there.

I actually don't know the answer.

The cat sneaked up on the unsuspecting bird.

Sidney doesn't have to buy anything right now.

Nobody noticed that she was absent until the end of the meeting.

Rodger killed John in self-defence.


This story may sound strange, but it's absolutely true.


That's nothing to be proud of.

Rusty gestured Cyrus to go ahead.

Raj has a family to support.


He was great.

I'd like to hear what your opinion is.

Some people were kind and others were unkind.


The crowd groaned.

Take the elevator three floors down to the conference room.

He likes most beautiful flowers.


She let the dog out.

Please don't tell my wife about this.

I just spoke with the captain.

Alison likes reading magazines.

I have needs.

What's wrong with my kissing technique?

This ought to do it.


She has been to Hawaii several times.

Lea thinks I'm always putting myself in danger.

Hilda wanted to be an opera singer.


Do you have any advice for me?