Kee had other things he wanted to do.

You didn't put your flight number.

I'll come on Friday.

Tell me what's going on.

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Get it away from me.

I was disgusted with his pointless talk.

When was the last time you withdrew money?

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Erik is duller than Emily who, until yesterday, was the dullest person I knew.

She is having coffee now.

The company president was indicted for paying kickbacks.

The thermometer reads 30 degrees.

I wonder if Julianto knows what Kim did.


I can't buy a bike.


Please take care of my dog while I am away.

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This book deals with life in the United Kingdom.

Not all the things that we wish for may be good for us.

You don't even know his name.


There is little hope of his recovery.

There was something I needed to get at the supermarket, but I forgot to pick it up.

It'll take three hours, tops.


They rarely go there.

Get ready.

Let's thank Raghu.

You might want to buy one of those.

He's good at making food.

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I would like to have lunch.

Avalanches move faster than floods.

Well, let's get going!


Brazilians are plagued by high prices.

He tried to make the robot run.

That's a really long time.

I adjusted one.

Eliot has trouble coping with people like Floria.

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What do you worry about when you go to sleep at night?

There's a reason for everything.

Sergeant is very greedy, isn't he?

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I want to be a leader that people can respect.

You shouldn't blame him for being late.

It's said that these floods are related to the presence of a god in the area.

We have some things to work out.

Japanese green gentian tea is very bitter.

Who gave him all that money?

The berries were ripening almost as fast as we could gather them.


He stills comes visit me from time to time.

Can you tell me more about your family?

Eight known planets and their moons, along with comets, asteroids, and other space objects orbit the Sun.


It's important to understand why.

Christmas fell on Monday that year.

Our interests conflict with theirs.

We absented ourselves from school.

It seemed like a good trade.

Jesus didn't do anything to help Nils.

Who cheated?


He is right in a sense.

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"I was just talking to him." "Talking to him about what?" "That's none of your business."

He was not feeling well.

I'd like to talk to Hector again.

Kenn found his birth mother after a five-year search.

Unless you have really tiny veins, you shouldn't have any trouble.

Eliot is still your best friend, isn't he?

He won a dramatic success.


Why did you learn German?

I need to see it.

My father writes in his diary every day.

It seems I'm falling ill.

The students met here to hear the speech.


It's going to be OK now, Oskar, don't worry.

I guess I can't blame you.

Do you mean you're giving up?


Spass wished he knew more than one language.

I want to go to America some day.

One should not confuse education with job training.

I assumed Naim had paid the bill.

I don't feel like doing that now.


I hope they don't resort to violence to accomplish their goals.

The water on the road's surface isn't draining sufficiently.

She has decided to live in the United States for good.

We cannot add flour to this sauce.

Do you think he'd go out with me?

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I met your son yesterday and he politely greeted me.

Elwood now knows everything.

Let her go home.


Winter is coming on.

Roberto wrote his phone number on a napkin and handed it to Shai.

The dancers timed their steps to the music of the band.


Water transmits sound better than air.

This is Cao Cao's trickery.

The opposite sides of a parallelogram are parallel.

I want to make sure you are who you say you are.

When you find yourself in a hole, you just have to dig yourself out.

Miriamne can cook anything without using a recipe.

I'm still trying to sort it all out.

He got across the river.

Which fruit is yellow?

It seemed so real, but I guess it was just a crazy dream.

What's wrong with my jokes?


I quit after a week.

She feared for her life.

Tad could think of no reason why he should stay.

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She maintains that her analysis is correct.

I'm going to buy a camera for my daughter.

Granville put on the hat that Hirofumi gave him.


Uri began to say something.

He's a former child actor.

I cannot dispense with a coat in winter.

Indra is working on your car.

So what's the next move?

We have no deep convictions.

Let's ask the neighbors to look after the dog while we're away.

She is curious to find who sent the flowers.

Dana is foolhardy.

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Get out of my house!

I believe that consciousness is the way information feels when being processed.

Wood is a disappearing resource in much of Africa, and these stoves burn far less wood than the stoves currently in much use.

Time crept on.

If that's not true about you, it's not true about me.

Please bring the master key.

When will we arrive in Boston?

The girl was struck with grief.

You should keep quiet.

I think Leung might recognize Mahmoud, even though it's been a long time since he's seen her.

I haven't been lucky in this town.


It's a big company.

The rice crop is poor this year.

The mayor denied having taken a bribe.

One always tends to overpraise a long book, because one has got through it.

That's unbelievably stupid.

I raced him a mile.

No one will trust his story.

That doesn't happen around here.

Did you wait for Tyler?

Are you doing all right?

They send us to the farm.

It happened that I saw my teacher at the station.

Why didn't you go first?

He is well read in English literature.

Now we really are relatives.


I'm hoping to find Chip.

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I was pretty upset.


Corey has a meeting this morning.

The temperature rose every day for a week.

My luck and my income much depends on my art of dealing with people.

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I live in Boston.

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I haven't done this since high school.


Some fish fly.

They lied to you.

He is a man of power.

We pigged out on pizza and beer.

Did you enjoy your holiday?

Communism tries to overcome capitalism, but so far that goal has not been achieved.

I didn't like him at all.


I'm surprised Courtney never mentioned you.


Hein just told me what I wanted to hear.


Everything is extremely simple.

Belinda is the only one here that I know.

You can't read a story if you don't understand.


Have you seen her around?


Earle asked me about my new job.

Raigad was the first capital of the Maratha Empire.

I don't dream.

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I thought Surya sounded upset.