Expert Research Services

Research results for those who prefer to conduct their own synthesis and analysis

Guided by a client's distinct project needs and objectives, Nerac Analysts merge industry expertise with relevant research findings from diverse information sources. Clients rely on the Nerac team to review ...

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Research & Advisory Services

Research data combined with expert analysis and evaluation

Nerac Analysts combine intellectual property, business and technology expertise in a multi-disciplinary research methodology to provide data-driven solutions. Nerac Analysts deliver custom assessments and recommendations on product and ...

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Special Project Services

In-depth research analysis supplemented by Nerac analysts' insights customized to meet your specific needs

Through diverse intelligence and our unique 360-degree approach to innovation and strategy which combines technical, business and intellectual property expertise, ...

Nerac is a Research and Advisory Firm for companies developing innovative products and technologies.

Case Studies

  • Competitive Landscape Evaluation for Small Molecule Inhibitor Program

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  • Nerac Provides Clinical Trial and Post-Approval Surveillance Support

    [4046327251 ]
  • Nerac Identifies List of Potential Acquirers and/or Licensees of Specific IP for Biotech Co.

    [shooting glove ]
  • Nerac Identifies Reformulation Opportunity in Insomnia Market

    [Read More ]
  • Early Stage Clearance and Exclusivity Research for Global Pharmaceutical Co.

    [Read More ]
  • Nerac Assists Water Treatment Co. with R&D Decision

    [Read More ]
  • Business Development Opportunity Evaluation for Global Manufacturing Co.

    [9736169018 ]
  • IP Target Analysis for Mattress Manufacturer

    [Read More ]
  • Nerac Vets Potential Joint Venture for Manufacturing Co. Evaluating CPV Market

    [804-489-0403 ]
  • Nerac Investigates Options for Entry into Biofuels Market for Energy Co.

    [Read More ]
  • Nerac Helps Fuel Chemical Additives Co. Stay Up-To-Date on Patent Landscape

    [Read More ]
  • Nerac Identifies Emerging Disruptive Generation and Distribution Technologies for Large Utility Co.

    [4085873489 ]
  • Nerac Analyst Briefing Helps Large Energy Manufacturer Stay Current on Requirements, Regulations, Competition and IP

    [Read More ]
  • Competitive Landscape Evaluation for Large Petroleum Co.

    [Read More ]
  • Nerac Evaluates Functional Ingredients for International Beverage Co.

    [Read More ]
  • Nerac Assesses Key Factors Driving Regulatory Status for US Polymer Manufacturer

    [Wolof ]
  • Business Threat and Licensing Opportunity Identification for EU Orthopedics Co.

    [Read More ]
  • Efficacy Validation of IABP Catheters for Major Cardiovascular Stent Co.

    [Read More ]
  • Acquisition Opportunity Evaluation for Multinational Medical Device Manufacturer

    [(913) 549-7953 ]
  • Competitive Analysis for Cardiotech Co.

    [Read More ]
  • Nerac Assists In-Vitro Diagnostics Co. with Reimbursement Issues

    [2563312572 ]
  • Biosequence Clearance Research for Foreign Diagnostics Co.

    [(812) 512-3976 ]
  • Cost-Effectiveness Assessment of IVD Product

    [(617) 559-4790 ]
  • Opportunity Identification in the Tissue Engineering Market

    [oligarch ]
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Nerac Insights

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