Acusound International School of Sound Healing & Holistic Therapies

Acusound International School of Sound Healing & Holistic Therapies Hypnotherapy - Hypnosis  CD's & Mp3's Holistic therapy training courses and courses in compementary medicine Clinical Hypnotherapy Training Professional Hypnotherapy Training  Anatomy & Physiology Training Course Chromatherapy, Color healing  Training courses. Cymatic therapy, Cymatherapy, microcurrent and cymatherapy machines and instruments for sale Shamanic Therapy, Shamanic healing training course Microcurrent therapy and beauty training course Acusound International Training Courses Contact Acusound Hypnotherapy sessions for smoking & more Sound Healing Therapy Training Courses Lectures, TV and Radio shows Sound Healing Therapy Practitioner Training Course Cymatic Therapy Course Cymatherapy Training


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Acusound International School of Holistic Therapies
Training Courses in the Healing Arts
Acusound International is dedicated to providing you with the best holistic and complementary therapy courses.
Practitioner Level Diploma Qualification

Sound Healing/Sound Therapy Practitioner Training Course (731) 887-0882


Advanced Anatomy & Physiology Training Course

Chromatherapy (Color Therapy)

Professional Hypnosis Course

Clinical Hypnotherapy Training

920-432-4793 Beauty Therapy

Acupuncture / Acupressure / Sonopuncture Module - Practitioner Training


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Native American Turquoise and Hand Made Jewelry - coming soon

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