I meant to call her.

The poor talker sometimes surprises us by being a good writer.

He paid the loan with interest.

They verbally abused us.

I doubt that Roberta would ever consider driving such a small car.

Hold on to the rope.

Magic plays an important part in primitive society.

It took Joubert months to recover from his motorbike accident.

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Claudia is dyeing his hair.

Let's drink to that.

He is slow to decide, but he is quick to act.

Can I go first?

He was lost to history.


I found some wild mushrooms under the log.


I will accomplish my purpose at any cost.

Everyone smiled at Dorothy.

Jeffie is the only one in our family who is any good at cooking.

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Did you get in trouble?


I'm going upstairs.

I perceived an object looming through the mist.

You're a big boy.

The first minutes after a heart attack are crucial.

They could not help shuddering when they found a dead body in the wood.

Ellen would be a better teacher if he were more patient.

She came.

She will survive.

I just don't want to let you down.

I feel amazing.

I would rather stay at home.

I guess that's why I love you.

I know you tried.

Your things are all here.

We have other things that have to be done.

I'm not tired right now.

I had to show him something.


Oleg didn't even say good-bye.

That will fly on the market.

I've quit using French with you.

Don't put the glass near the edge of the table.

He started gardening after his retirement.

My mom married my dad in the 90s.

I'll try some.


Why should it be different?

That there are various conflicts, frictions, within the races of man is a point made clear within this book as well.

She committed her baby to her divorced husband.

The United States has close ties to Mexico.

It has been ten years since I left Japan.

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That guy has a screw loose!

It's not my day.

Debbie persuaded Michelle to go swimming with him.

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They replaced the defective TV with a new one.

Whose dictionary is this?

I'm not afraid to fail.

I'm going to call Frank right now.

It's a conspiracy.


You've got food on your face.

I have not had anything to eat since this morning.

Whose is this?

You had a perfectly normal reaction.

I told him to stay.

The bookcase is level with the table.

The entrance ceremony will be held at 10 o'clock.

Kolkka sat on the bench and crossed his legs.

Kelly will surely be happy this morning.

I've had it with Duke.

Liber wishes Bob would pay more attention to him when he talks.

That remark was in very poor taste.

You must sow before you can reap.

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I don't know what she knows.

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Hubert was killed by the husband of the woman he had been hanging out with.

Jorge picked up his bag and left.

Emmett isn't doing this to me again.


Yesterday, I talked for 3 hours with my boyfriend. We haven't seen each other for a week.

Her strongest oath was merely "By Saint Loy!", and she was called Madame Eglentine.

I want you to meet my sister I spoke of the other day.

More than 20,000 Americans are murdered each year.

A person like Lois probably knows how to speak French.

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Such was her fright that she closed her eyes.

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She adores her older brother.

As you like.

We met in Shanghai.

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Relationships are hard work.

It's urgent.

We're going sailing on Monday.


Nothing is to be compared to its beauty.

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I knew you were OK.

I've never bought jewelry.

No tried to persuade Samuel to quit smoking.


He is now in the hospital and his life is in the balance.


My younger brother watches TV.

Words are either windows or walls.

No one is too old to learn.


You're doing great stuff here.

Bilal went to school.

Two sockets are not enough for a meeting room.

I've accomplished my task.

She advised him not to do that.

Most Japanese eat rice every day.

There is no reason that I should give up my plan.

Were you praised by the teacher?

I think you should change your eating habits.

You must keep this plan a secret as there may be some changes yet.

He cut down the tree with an ax.


There's nothing we could show off with.


I wish I had studied English harder when I was young.


She's no singer.

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Sandip is Ricky's twin brother.

Casey is madly in love with Gunter.

What is the tallest mountain in Europe?


Jean denied being Krzysztof's son.

The crops need rain.

She was born in 1946, on August 19, in California.

I hired a private investigator.

I hope Sofia will help me do this.

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I don't think about it much.

Are we talking about professionalism?

You have to leave here now.

I noticed that.

In a traditional Javanese burial, before the grave is filled in, someone close to the deceased will go down into it and shout into his ear the Muslim profession of faith. The message is "Don't forget. Especially not now."

Would you mind taking care of that?

If there had been a problem, Saqib would've said something.

Winter in Denmark was a bad choice.

Lenny wants to see you immediately, sir.

So that's where all my chocolate goes!

Do you have any ideas about it?

To be, or not to be, that is the question.

I don't want to waste my time trying to do this again.

I only want what is rightfully mine.

Humor is out of place in a dictionary.

How long did it take you to write the letter?

I saw a spider walking on the ceiling.


Crafty is the Lord, but malicious He is not.

Can you help me organize my files before you leave?

I appreciate your directness.

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Insanity is repeating the same mistakes and expecting different results.

My mother cooks well.

Adam wouldn't like it.

Good always wins over evil.

Where's the boy?


Sugih decided to live by taking the absurdity of life to its full conclusion.

Somebody poisoned Blake.

If you cannot find the truth right where you are, where else do you expect to find it?

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Freedom is the breath of life.

I am Chinese.

The date and address is usually written at the head of letters.

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If Carisa doesn't want to go, he doesn't have to.

Jock snuck into Joni's house.

She will start her maternity leave next week.

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Ranjit and Serdar kept their marriage a secret.

For an idea to germinate and to be fruitful, it is necessary to scatter its seeds in the appropriate season.

Save yourself.

Never press this button.

He has a gift for drawing.

Do I need to do it again?

Siegurd was eliminated in the second round of the contest.

He's thinking he'll sell his house.

Pratapwant didn't have time to do the job properly.

The higher you fly, the harder you fall.

Eli has already told me everything I think I need to know.

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My older brother goes fishing every weekend.

The man is driving a car.

Bud has complete faith in his boss.

I got one back.

I've got something on the stove.

I heard about you and her.

She first met him at a conference in Boston.