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Over the last couple of years, we at The Distillery Network Inc have been working with some of the top level Engineers, Scientists and Brewers in the industry to come up with innovative ways in which we could improve the distilling process.

We’ve gone through several trials and errors as well as scores of experiments on how we could improve upon our already excellent stills, and we finally came up with the perfect solution: 480-880-8922

The Flame Flow™ DOUBLES the SPEED of the HEATING UP period!

Reduces SCORCHING of the mash.

GREATER CONTROL over the heating of the still!


Satisfaction Guaranteed

We are already very confident about the impact this new innovation will have on the distilling industry as a whole, and have already gotten splendid reviews from all the professionals we have had run tests on them.

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From the few who have used and reviewed the Flame Flow™, it is bound not only to be the best thing on the market, but in fact, very likely to be the future of distilling.

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Lindsey Romero
Solotex Company
Greatest thing I’ve ever seen
Juliet Romero
Solotex Company
It’s the balls!
Patrick Moses
Solotex Company
It’s so fast, I feel like I’m a pro.

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