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When it comes to your next advertising campaign, don't risk your time and money on just anyone. Call the Steve Wexler Creative Group. We generate millions of dollars for companies all over the globe. There's a reason for that...

S.W.C.G BOASTS A REMARKABLE TEAM OF COPYWRITERS AND DESIGNERS... each with their own style and area of expertise. So no matter what you're selling, you'll get powerful copy, written and designed by an advertising specialist. Someone who knows your product or service, and can handle all obstacles - even when your "hands are tied" by legal rules and regulations.

So whether you need print...
broadcast... or online copy – you can rely on S.W.C.G.
We'll create a "high-response" ad for you that may out-pull anything you've done before.
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George Webster "A Leader in the Industry!"
“A Leader in the Industry!” Steve Wexler works hard... simple as that! He comes up with new ideas and is willing to push the envelope to test new approaches that go against the norm... you get your money's worth. And more often than not you are rolling out a novel direct mail piece that others eventually start to copy. He is a leader in the industry and I am honored to be associated with him!"
Robert Riess, CEO, COO Nature Trade / Swiss Labs

Ron Cummings “Hired SWCG for 4 More Packages!”
"I haven't seen results yet on one package, but I went ahead and hired him for 4 more packages because his first package was very strong. Never done that before!"
Jay White, President, NaturMed Inc..