I could hear the sound of Alain's voice coming from the next room.

Let him believe this, and he will live more consistently and morally, than by any other system.


We have to make some changes in our plans.

Time is the father of truth.

That massage felt so good.

Frederic told me that if it didn't rain tomorrow he'd go cycling with Werner.

A loft conversion can add considerable value to a property.

Julia promised to give me anything I wanted.

Why should there be a problem?

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When did I tell you that?

If I knew where Pascal was, I'd tell you.

I told Jeffrey what I thought.

The riot began with the southern people.

I remember my mother when I see this.

Ric wants to be near you.

I haven't forgotten our first date.

Wikipedia opens again!

There is silence.


Did Vassos come here?

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This must've belonged to Val.

Let's not wait too long.

Tomas was killed with an icepick.

Today I'm online.

Who do you think this hat belongs to?

I don't know why I'm scared.

They threw spears at us.

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Both were intoxicated.


It didn't help.

"Did you sleep well?" "I slept like a log."

Laura wished Seenu liked him better.

What sort of women's fashion does Lester like?

I doubt that this will work.

The daily trek to midtown Manhattan takes about an hour and a half.

You shall have a bicycle for your birthday.

Have you ever been betrayed by a friend?

Urgent business has called him away.


Water and bread, this is a dog's life.

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Syun looked around his room.

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Cathrin said there wasn't time to do that.

Here are my books.

Ken's really got computers on the brain.


I have an old computer that I don't want anymore.


I don't want Teriann to come.

Micheal will eat onions if they've been cooked, but he doesn't eat raw onions.

Can you hand me this dictionary?


Jean-Pierre would be so happy.

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We have no options but to continue.

When did the meeting start?

Let me get you a drink.


Look, I want to be straight about this.

This seems like something out of a movie, doesn't it?

Jason took the wrong bus.

We could've helped her.

It's ours.

Political questions are way too serious to be left to politicians.

I want to go back to my room.


I'm sure Plastic told you that.


Patrice is three years older than you.

Can you give an exact report of what happened?

Dani is meeting with a client.

I've never seen one, except on Wikipedia.

Surya walked off with my umbrella.

During a sprint through the pedestrian precinct, I collided with a man eating a Currywurst.

Anatoly looked around the room for his keys.

Look at what Takao's wearing.

Don't hold your breath.


We don't have anything to worry about.


As the iron was heating up, Lum poured distilled water into the reservoir to make steam.

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They analyzed the results.

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Naim threw a rock at me.

Good traditions should be preserved.

Every single thing that you eat affects your body.

Don't bother looking for me.

The nurse will tell you how to do it.

I never touch beer.

Is scarlet a fruit or a color?

He's connected with advertising in Los Angeles.

It is hard, perhaps even impossible, to define normal sensory perception.


I know who is pulling the strings.

Mayo and I are buddies.

Rajeev thought Sally would know where John was.

Panos might have been sleeping at that time.

It was a challenge.

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Would you care for drinks?

I was absorbed in reading a novel.

Do you guys want to walk?

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Brian needed some time to think things over.

What do you find so interesting about Japan?

Her long blond hair blew in the wind.


Do I look insane?


You suck at writing code.

I'll sleep on the floor.

Our universe is expanding.

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Sir and I love being together.

His actions greatly angered Mexican leaders.

Sadly, some of us are wretches and have to suffer eternally.

I couldn't find a pulse.

I'm still worried about Siping.


The Queen's crown was made of gold.

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Never have I seen such a beautiful picture.

He's busy with his homework now.

We're all waiting.

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Kory cleaned the room.

I've never heard him complain.

Bea wouldn't come down to eat breakfast this morning.

I need to speak to Nikolai immediately.

She swims well.

I'm no different than you.

Trust me, I'm an engineer!

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Kelvin refused to let Dana go out and play in the rain.


Sundar is an early riser.

In fact, this program is pretty interesting.

Edison was an ingenious person.

She failed to understand a single word.

The cat's fur stood on end.

He was seduced by Niall.

Such things are often accidental rather than malicious.

I sleep on my side.

Several other people were injured.


I'm really mad at you guys.

Let him rest in peace, but above all let us live with a good memory!

When he arrives in Tokyo, I'll call you right away.

Pardon my being late.

Do you like the taste of truffle?


He's getting used to that situation.


Did you notice that one side of Leo Tolstoi's mustache is longer than the other?

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We should play golf sometime.

There is no factory in this village.

Tal didn't want to hear about all of Lester's problems, but he sat quietly and listened.

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Did they suffer?

I mistook a notebook for a textbook.

You won't be selling anything if you don't lower the price.

You need to stay away from her.

If there's something I can do, I want to help.

"Have your parents ever been to talk to the headmaster this year?" "No, they're never been, but they have already talked to all the teachers."

Myrick was chosen among 300 applicants.


He hasn't actually been to the United States.

The police have Alf safely locked up.

Sir Peter Blake was tragically killed by pirates on the Amazon river in 2001 as he was on a mission to monitor environment change.


It's so nice to be by ourselves.

I owed him a thousand dollars.

Even a small sound from the TV interferes with my concentration.

Hector left the room without saying a word.

Nicolo showed Amos my picture.

Italian politicians make me mad.

Be careful. We don't know what's in there.

Sean found Byron fun to talk to.

Every time you read a book, you will be the better for it.

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The girl who sings there is my sister.

I need your love.

I'd like to have this parcel registered.


Soldiers must obey their commanders.

Whoever travels will find that there's no place like home.

I want a waterbed.

What would be best for them?

Where's the nearest museum?

Mother busied herself with sewing.

Your efforts resulted in the success.

Why don't you want to go to Norman's?

I don't understand his words.