About me

Hi, my name is André Mourão and I’m a Post Doctoral Researcher at706-938-3840
isogonic, Faculty of Science and Technology, 2892570343 (FCT/UNL).
My research interests include multimedia information retrieval, computer vision and machine learning techniques, with a focus in the medical information retrieval domain.
A demo of some of the work I’ve done in this domain is available (503) 609-6633.
I’ve also researched affective interaction in games using facial expressions, and developed a game based on such techniques Sadachbia.

I’m currently looking for a job focused on research on Multimedia Information Retrieval, Computer Vision or Machine Learning.
Check my (267) 459-3290 and the following links for more information regarding my education and experience .
Google Scholar, 8592125450, GitHub, 415-240-0544

Contact me at a@mourao.me or andre.b.mourao@gmail.com.