One can't go beyond one's limits with exercising and stay within the bounds of what one can do. Otherwise, it can have negative effects on the body.


When you spill wine, it's appropriate to wipe it with your elbow, isn't it?


Will you throw in some cables for that price?

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Let's see how it goes this evening.

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What exactly do you expect me to do?


I don't want to tell her.


DDT is a carcinogen which was commonly used in the 1940s, 1950s, and 1960s.

Butler joined us.

My sister and I go to the movies from time to time.

What's your favorite animated movie?

Roberto laughed about it when I told her.

It is necessary to know our enemies if we want to defeat them.

My hobby is collecting coins.

I want to make a phone call, but I don't have any change now.

What have you decided?

It was Mr. Smith that taught me how to use that machine.

Every time I travel to Paris, I go to Sacre-Coeur and sit on the steps to listen to people sing.


I'll fix it.

The game was put off because of the rain.

I should've asked Moore first.

Don't be stingy with the tip.

It wasn't really that simple.

Was it a full moon or a new moon?

How can that be possible?

I'll never treat you the way Willie treated you.

We eventually will have to do that.

We can hear the church bell every morning.

It was cold last night, yet he didn't wear a coat.


The explosion did a lot of damage to the building.

Ronald Reagan was born in 1911, in the little town of Tampico, Illinois.

I took responsibility for that.

I realized then that this awful cellar was the only place that could save our lives.

He was accused of having lied about the affair.

Reinhard begged me to help him do it.

Stagger isn't the right man for the job.

I'm ready to go back home.

You're too clever for your own good.

Could there be people who don't know even a single English word?

Shakil fell off of his motorcycle.


Since I couldn't make up my mind about my future position, I got advice from my younger brother.

But this is the story of an old man who wants to die.

Rudy wished he hadn't promised Charlene he'd help.


Sjaak should take Michel's advice.


That's why we must leave.

I just changed my mind. That's all.

We consider it the citizens' legitimate right to have public libraries.

Not only my nose is blocked but also my temperature is high.

How close are you to him?

They supported the Allies.

I took no count of what he said.

I had to walk home.

I'll give you a call later.

I've got a bad stomachache.

Stick to jackets that aren't too gaudy.

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There's something I want you to see.


The security team checked the car for explosives.

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Now, why do you think that is?

You used to call me.

He made the plan along with his colleagues.

The village had more than a thousand residents.

How to say it?

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He acts like a rock star.

I didn't go with them.

Victims of the hurricane received financial aid from the government.

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Drill little holes into my eyelids that I might see you when I sleep


They caught five butterflies.

They add articles to Wikipedia.

You don't care at all, do you?

I won't be alone.

Did anybody want to see the picture from above?

I know this doesn't make much sense.

I got you some coffee.

As far as this problem is concerned, you cannot escape your responsibility.

Drop me a line.

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Vilhelm followed John across a cornfield.

I work on a building site.

Is Dan a common name in your country?

Tell him to wait in the lobby.

It's a lot too thin that our henpecked husband in fact hooked up the wallflower.

There's no such thing as luck.

We dreamed of Santa Claus, or if we awoke in the night, we listened for the jingling of his sleigh-bells.

Where are those prisoners?

The Middle Ages lasted 1000 years.

Dominic's mother still buys his clothes for him.

Luc is going to take care of me.

This flower spreads its petals at night.

The prices are subject to change without notice.

I feel terrible about the way things happened.

I told Pantelis what was going on.


I helped Pitawas decide where to hang the picture.

He likes to party until the sun comes up.

What bliss to be loved! And to love, ye Gods, what bliss!


He does nothing but complain from morning till night.

The mystery still remains unsolved.

I want to become a teacher.

So perhaps this was their ancient god returning after his long absence.

I'm going to explain it once more.

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You feel more secure that I can't see your face on the Internet.


Don't struggle.

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We have the same destiny.

I'm glad that I still live here.

Brenda wasn't looking particularly happy.

I think there's a mistake in my bill.

We'd like that.

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Lana didn't expect Claire to be here.


We wrote three books.

Is it just eight-thirty?

Robin and Case seem happy.


How did you get your job?

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If Sir wants to leave, he can.

Yang doesn't like my friend.

I'm heading home.

I'll sleep on the couch.

You'll be safe.

Milo has been AWOL since last week.

"Erik, are you downstairs?" "No, I'm upstairs."

You have to do as I say.

Let's go ask him.


Suresh's given to fits of rage.

When am I to contact you?

She enjoyed herself at the party yesterday.

The pain is something I'll never forget.

This painting was painted in the 21st century.

The man in the flat next to Alvin is quite odd.

I'm very tired.

You may invite any person you like.

I'll be in my trailer.

I'll drink tea, if I can.

We have had fine weather this week.


Wrap your head in a scarf.

You should stay with me.

I like your family.

Some people place a lot more emphasis on the importance of money in life.

You were drunk, weren't you?

Let him that would move the world, first move himself.

I don't want to go home.

I may go skiing at Zao next month.

Snowflakes are particles of snow.

He can sense the ghosts of the past.

Do you happen to know any Professor Braun?

He sounded as excited as she did.

Keep Micheal out of here.

He looks old, but he is still in his twenties.

I took one class, but I've found that real-life experience is much more useful.

This is a harpoon.

You're scaring them.

If you make new friends, don't forget the old ones.

He gives the dog some meat.

I love summer.

You've somehow managed to misconstrue what I have said.

I think that it's dangerous to go walking alone at night.

Ken and his little brother are very alike.

We'll get in touch with him.

I need to speak to him alone.

I lost my job on Monday.

The temperature was above zero last week.

Clyde was dissatisfied with his store bought telescope and decided to build one for himself. Clyde's father took a second job to pay for the materials needed to build it.

I bet you could drink a lot of beer.

It matters little if the cat is white or black; the important thing is that it chase rats.

How does Tatoeba make money?

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I prefer rice to bread.


I'm not up for it.

Who is the woman standing there?

Dear Cecil! I have no secrets from you.

Does she think of being perfect?

Hartmann started yelling at the top of his lungs.

The plan was rejected as being impractical.

I don't know why you're involved in this.