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League of Legends coaching and much more.

About me

I'm Eric :)

I am a 21 year old student from Germany. My interests always have been combinded with the technical side. If it is coding, gaming, designing or anything close to such a thing, I find fun in it and enjoy working/playing on/with/at it.

Over the years I have gained knowledge in several coding laguages like C,C++, vb.net, Java, Mysql/Php, Html and a a bit of this and that like Javascript.

I have been into Minecraft coding for about 4-5 years now and have done several hundred of projects, including big projects like coding whole networks or just simple things like a chat logging function.

I also play Leage uf Legends since the Beta. I have gained quite some knowledge in it, even though I only started playing ranking in S3 and only were gold back then. I did not participate in any ranked game in S4/S5, except like 5 or so, which I do not count. I started serious ranking in s6, where I easily grinded to diamond with multiple accounts, same applies to this season. My main role is Support and my prefered offroles are Jungle and AD Carry



High quality web code in Front- and Backend coding, including various languages ranges for the best and most efficient solution for YOU and YOUR business.

LoL Coaching

We will talk about you, the game and how to improve. Key mechanics are being teached and current meta/patch tier ranged picks and bans are being discussed. We learn the way YOU like it and learn the fastest way to keep it as simple and low cost boundary as possible.

Minecraft Java & Skript coding

Java and Skript, a 'war' some people might say. I enjoy coding in both, both have pros and cons, either way, I will optimize the code to the best and most efficient way, to keep the end result as low as possible in performance drain, yet work perfect functional to your wishes.

Fast work

I try to finish projects as soon as possible, yet with the highest quality possible. Most small stuff is done in a very short timeframe, depending on the day time of course.

High quality

High quality is the key to good products and satisfied customers. While working fast I always keep focusing on having the quality at it's highest point, to gain the best result, lowest perfomance drain and a happy customer.


If I ever fail on a project, I usualy ask for either more time, find a different way to get it to work or ask if I can slightly change it by adding in own ideas. If I however unsatisfy you, the customer, I am happy to find a way of a decent refund.

Find me on

I have released some small Skripts on Spigotmc, nothing too fancy, I am mostly just browsing there.

I have created a Youtube channel awhile ago, where I upload Thresh montages from time to time, check it out :).

Click the Icon to gain my #0000. Even though I dislike Discord, I am still almost always available on it.