Let's go surfing.

Rajiv wants this one.

I suspect that there was an oversight in the examination.

Shahid works with mentally handicapped adults.


He hopes to run a company in the future.

I'm so proud.

Not quite what I want.

They have authority in Europe.

Theo isn't the only guy here.

I would do it if Lin asked me to.

War has become a big business for Washington's neocons.

I don't think you'll make it in the special forces.

Do you have any idea where I've been?

I came to see you.

Nothing can change the look of a city so dramatically as the sudden appearance of a block of offices which towers above all the surrounding buildings.


A heavy rain began to fall.


I'm sorry. I won't do it again.

She published a book.

Parents shouldn't let children be cruel to animals.

I'm going to a garden party.

The little girl has a doll in her hands.

You will eat your sandwich! Whether you like it or not!

Just go ahead!

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Would you like sugar and milk?

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I boldly painted my answer.

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I need medicine. Where is the pharmacy?


For how long have you been working here?

How much is the rent?

I cannot rinse the dishes. There is no water.

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I must give my respects.

If not, how do you explain the acceleration?

Could you call us at 7 to wake us?


Who else knows that your house is haunted?

What information do you want?

I kept to myself.

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World population has rapidly increased.


I lost my sense of reality at that moment.

You like French, don't you?

The youth eat in the garden.

I can't take any more of this.

Do you have a TV?

The question is who is he.

The doctor rushed to his patient.

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You have exactly thirteen minutes to finish this.

I prefer coffee with milk.

I told you I didn't want this.

Pandora's behavior is unacceptable.

Have each of your wives bake a loaf of bread by tomorrow morning.

I'm trying to solve the problem.

We got held up by the roadworks and missed our flight.

Bradley sat down at one of the tables.

I'll call you.

Curtis waited a moment before replying.

How can you watch such macabre movies without having nightmares?

What do you need?

Billy is a very pretty girl.

She advises him on technical matters.

Despite all its disadvantages, it was serfhood to be the main of the means to keep unity of the nation.

The noise was a nuisance.

John will be here in five minutes.


We've been down that road.

We've already lost three days.

Ramiro doesn't eat meat or eggs.

Caleb lived there without any problems.

Let's not be too hasty.

Please turn off the lights when you leave the room.

Laurence never seems to eat very much.

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It's presumptuous for humans to assume that our task is to do what only God can do.


Leila got freaked out by what happened.

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Did anyone else help you?

What are you telling me? You're going?

This kind of food is really popular in Boston.

We're your friends.

June is obviously trying to cause trouble.

That cannot be true.

Have your knees been giving you any problems?


His failure is out of the question.

Rose, Juniper, Lily, and Camellia were all named after plants, as was Giant Corpse Flower, whose high school experience was far worse than theirs.

I'll tell her you called.


Look, calm down everyone and tell me: what happened?


I didn't inform them.


Jakob has a good job now.

Do you think he'd go out with me?

Entities must not be multiplied beyond necessity.


Is there hope in salvation?

Is your religion relevant on Mars?

I don't remember Timothy working here.

This offer expires on August 15, 1999.

Ritalynne doesn't believe what Ginny says.

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I have a very good memory.

Do you really think they'll attack?

Two is a pair.

The problem is worse than I thought.

Keep an eye on the baby for a while.

I'll tell her when to go.

I think I could get used to seeing you every day.


I caused you to die.

That caused my kidneys to fail.

We made way too many mistakes.


Who made up these rules?

That house is the only one that survived the fire.

I suppressed a yawn.

I heard Vance came back.

Did he admit that he was wrong?

What's your most prized possession?

I couldn't take it anymore.

Does anybody live here?

The judge sustained the lawyer's objections.

Mr. Michael Bruhn was appointed as the Executive Secretary of the Department of Defense by Secretary of Defense Robert M. Gates on April 25, 2010.

The house whose roof you see beyond the bank is Mr Suzuki's.

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He swindled him.

Ah, if you can dub it, can I ask for a copy as well?

For several years I've been in the habit of, when I'm at home, only leaving my desk when it's time to eat.

I want that shirt too.

Holy macaroni!

Maybe you didn't do it right.

Now money begins to end, now it ends to begin.

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I know you would do the same for me.

We have a contract.

We haven't seen Jones for weeks.

Animal bodies are made up of cells.

Juan wears a tie to work.

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I'm pretty sure Juliane hasn't gone home yet.

School will break for the summer.

His face turned pale.

Old was the one who started the fight.

You can't defeat Gale without my help.

I'm the guy who has the tickets.

We can work that out.

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We will never know if he is trustworthy.

Is this a trick question?

Mikael emptied the waste basket.

Helen visits her uncle every Sunday.

How long has Pratapwant been gone?


He showed me the way to the station.

You're Neville's boss, aren't you?

When men of experience fail, we must employ green hands.


Those won't let you down.

I had strange dreams last night.

We will meet after you have finished your work.

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Would they recognize you?

Had I started to socialize with people in the past, maybe I would be a different person now, but, because of the shy temper I had at that time, now I really have few friends.

I need to go in.

Her marriage brought happiness to her parents.

Penny successfully completed the program.

What did you expect Sandy to say?

It can be better with your younger sister.


I have to ask for help and advice.

It's a much larger problem than you think.

Steen said that he wants to learn Hebrew.

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Lyndon's hair is growing.

Kevan can no longer live here.

You will be punished if you break the law.

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Why are Adlai and Tanya in Boston?


Randell has been in this room all morning.

Tandy must be lonely.

Maybe I should study French.

He traveled by boat.

Put a tag on the pages you want copied.

Hey, what's going on here?

I had a bad feeling.


I'd like to see that movie.


Edward doesn't like being around children because he's always afraid of catching a cold from one of them.