How do you take off the shell of a boiled egg cleanly? Is there some sort of trick?

I tried talking to her about how I feel.

A cabinet is a cupboard used for displaying things.

You're really looking much better.

What Jerry did was pretty brave.

Promise me you'll be careful.

Ramesh donated a lot of money to us.

Great minds discuss ideas, average minds discuss events, small minds discuss people.

"Here are some flowers for you." "Thanks. They're gorgeous."

Whatever makes you happy.

We are no longer young.

Hit the ball after the bounce.

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You're the best candidate for this job.

Young children have short attention spans.

Stop talking and start working!

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I was afraid he might die.

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I eat fish every week.

Chiqui is a parrot that speaks Esperanto.

Thank you for bringing him.

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What am I up against?

Wherever she goes, she has bodyguards with her.

When the singer appeared on stage, the audience gave him the Bronx cheer, because he dumped his wife for another woman.

I lost my job and I have no money. I'm at my wit's end.

She wriggled her toes.

Don't ever let go.

Alejandro warned you.

She does not speak English, and let us not even mention French.

Leila raced to the party to see Judge.

Moran is smelling the flowers.

Dana is a psychologist.


I have an older brother and an older sister.


Daniele gets off on that kind of thing.

The explosion was cause by a car accident.

Is there anything else to eat?


What now, you wretch? You thinking of protecting her?

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Your success in the examination depends on how hard you study.

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I need to get home.


We'll go visit her.

At this time tomorrow, he'll be speaking with his family.

Everyone was shocked by the news.


Jonathan is a highly-respected community leader.

We have strawberry and chocolate cookies.

As long as a bear is relatively inactive, and is not exposed to wind, it does not burn excessive energy in cold weather.

Some people don't act their age.

Our guests should be here within an hour.


Kristi had no idea why Nicolas didn't want to go out with him.

This desk is used by Yumi.

Please explain what's happening here.

What are you trying to tell me?

We've been expecting rain for the past week.

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She's jealous.

I have no choice at all.

She is reputable, rational and above all pretty.


Leave her. She needs a few minutes alone.

Why did he quit his job?

These sentences are strange.

I met with an awful accident.

This is where I spend most of the day.


We talk frequently.

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Ray went to the restroom.

I can't speak Turkish.

Nicolo didn't have the courage to try sky diving.

Stagger may use my computer if he needs to.

I don't know where to go.

Meeks was a good pilot.

He thought he could get her to like him if he ingratiated himself with her mother.


Your salary is based on commissions.


I would lodge a complaint.

The book is not available at the moment.

I said that I could, not that I would.

I'd like you to quickly look over these documents.

What's your earliest memory?

How does the preface run?

I thought Jianyun was serious.


Please give it a try.

I detest him.

She has unrealistic standards.


We're not going to harm you.

The middle-class woman placed value on her necklace because she didn't want to forgo the privileges of her class.

Every time a species dies out, we lose forever a part of our natural world.


Wait till I finish eating.

Turkey has blocked access to Twitter.

Don't look at them.

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We definitely heard that sound.


Men fear what they can't control.


The news report spread all over the country.


We judge ourselves by our intentions and others by their actions.


He must be a quack doctor.


Curtis is standing on the stage.

We'd be happy to cooperate.

Could it have a future ?


The crowd threw rocks at the mayor and didn't let him finish his speech.

I bought this umbrella three years ago.

To make a long story short, he was fired.

Raphael said he was going to go to Boston.

I've left him three messages.


How much time do you think we have left?

Do you get on with your friends?

A person without faith is frightening.

I left around 2:30.

I had no work yesterday.


He went to the store to buy some oranges.

Please bring me my bill.

We have seen no one.


North Americans are more conservative in terms of sexual morality than Europeans.

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I know for a fact Harvey had nothing to do with this.

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Society is composed of individuals.

We'll take this.

Naim is too tired to do anything.

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You're my princess.

A father shouldn't shirk his responsibilities to his children.

Nearly 10,000 athletes live in the Olympic village.

How do we reason with Gill?

Have you seen her this morning?

Ideally, food should be tasty, cheap, healthy, and morally inoffensive.

Casey stopped when he heard his name being called.


What brings you here?

He ate breakfast alone.

The sky will soon clear up.

It was clever of Bob to solve that problem.

Dan was thrown out of the club.

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Murder is punishable by death.

The airplane fell to the earth.

This is the first time I've ever lain on this grass.

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I felt guilty about it.


If you want to ask me questions about that, you may.

Let's not lose focus.

I tried to call him up, but the line was busy.

He became accustomed to working in the office.

I cannot refrain from expressing my opinion about the affair.

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I think it's a miracle.

Tell Gabriel I won't do that.

Did you hear the bell?


My son always gets sick when he rides a bus.

How old is that painting?

How much did you drink last night?

This isn't about you.

Are you really done?

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I got my hair cut today.

I was filled with joy.

He mastered all he was taught.

You celebrate Christmas, don't you?

We're looking for survivors.

I saw her at the station.

Historians are not sure who his father was.

Should I watch my diet?

I want to see them.


My neighborhood has a parade on the 4th of July.

Oliver became an alcoholic.

I have to wake them up soon.

That doesn't make any sense to me.

A facet of genius is the ability to provoke scandals.


Look, they say listening to Mozart makes tomatoes grow.

Miles claims to be an engineer.

This kind of magazine can do harm to young people.

I was thinking about the plan.

Jane's dream was to find herself a sugar daddy.