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Sanesco Health is an international biomedical firm who works exclusively with licensed health care providers. In tandem with active experienced physicians, Sanesco develops integrative clinical assessment and support tools for healthcare providers which include neuroendocrine analytical testing, non-drug nutritional support formulas, and patient-centered clinical review based on over 100 self-reported patient data points.

If you are a licensed healthcare provider and are interested and learning how you can implement the Communication System Management™ (CSM) clinical model in practice, click below to schedule a brief but high value phone conversation with one of Sanesco’s Practice Building Specialist.


If you are a healthcare consumer interested in Sanesco’s laboratory profiles and nutritional formulas, continue to our provider referral or provider look up forms by clicking below. Sanesco works exclusively with licensed healthcare providers and does not operate in any direct to consumer markets.

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When speaking about Communication System Management (CSM) think about a neuroendocrine focal point in your patient’s health, where we as providers dig deeper into major areas of symptom function to uncover imbalances and/or damage; the CSM was developed to give you a window into your patients neuroendocrine system.” – R.W. ‘Chip’ Watkins, MD, MPH, FAAFP