We Energize Creative Artistry

Our field of interest cuts across Storytelling, Articles, African Literature Review, Exclusive Industry Interviews, Creative Writing Projects, Conferences/Seminars and Art Workshops, Literacy/charity Works

Who We Are

Who We ARE.

We're a social enterprise with interest in developing the next generation of writers and creative geniuses. Our interest is to create tools, opportunities and platforms to experiment, practice and create works of art worth celebrating and emulating.

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Our Mission

Core Mission.

We want to be the energy behind the rejuvenation of the dying theatre and literary arts culture among young practitioners, graduates and undergraduates of tertiary institutions. We want to be at the forefront of awareness and promotion

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Our story

Our Story.

Unemployed and pushed by the mediocrity of the education system, she opted to seek something worthy that will not simply be a means of income but also bring satisfaction. Restless from all she couldn’t achieve, she is left with no other option than

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Our Name

Our Name.

SL Kreativez stands for Seekers Locus Kreativez. Seekers as a name implies people in search of a meaning, a voice and an adventure. Locus is where this can be found. Kreativez is a hype version of Creative. In essence, we say, seekers locus is the place

Our Vision

Our Vision.

Seekers Locus Kreativez (SLK) is a social enterprise that is based on the vision of Esther Okoloeze to create a platform where creativity in its true sense would not only thrive but the creators get exposed to resources, opportunities and get rewarded

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Our Vision

How will We Get there.

By creating a platform that energizes the creative spirit of every creative seeker. Promoting their creativity, one person at a time, we will lend a voice to the struggle and a hand to the hustle. This we will do by supporting, educating, training and promoting

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Our Services.

Our field of interest cuts across


With the best of sultry, soulful and creatively crafted fiction stories, we promise to keep you informed, entertained and educated

Articles and Writing Tips

Because we care about getting the Nigeria and African minds informed, we have made it a point of duty to curate articles on fields and topics

Exclusive Industry Interviews

Who wouldn't love to celebrate those who makes our heart dance with words well crafted? We would!

African Literature Reviews

We want to have an archive of literature reviews that can help students, professionals and literature lovers.

Conferences/Seminars and Art Workshops

Learn! Learn! Learn! We have to keep learning, networking, developing till we become like diamonds.

Literacy/charity Works

Literacy is the bedrock of a forward thinking nation. We are open for partnership and volunteering on any project.

Creative Writing Projects

Yes, remember we're a for-profit social enterprise. This is where we channel our social goals.

We are Social!