Levels of Paint Correction

Levels of Paint Correction

What is a Paint Correction Paint correction is a service performed by auto detailing shops to remove imperfections in the paint. For example, a paint correction would try to fix swirls, scratches, water spots, etching, and many other defects. It is a labor-intensive process with many steps that lead can lead to near perfect paint. …

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Maintenance Car Wash Routine


A proper maintenance car wash routine is an important part of keeping your car’s paint in great shape. Cars with ceramic coatings can be a bit quicker and easier to wash. However, our maintenance wash process is the same whether or not the vehicle has a ceramic coating. The goal of a maintenance wash is …


Warren Buffett’s Annual Letter (2017) Takeaways


The Oracle of Omaha has recently shared his 2017 annual letter and just like recent years, it is filled with wisdom. Here are some of our favorite lines from his letter, you can read the entire letter on Berkshire Hathaway’s site found here. Our Favorites From Buffett’s 2017 Annual Letter “Don’t ask the barber whether …


Why You Need A Foam Roller And Some Balls


We all sit too much and develop some overly tight muscles that need a foam roller. Kelly Starrett, the famous physical therapist, author, and speaker calls this “Death By Desk” in his books Deskbound and Becoming A Supple Leopard. When we sit for extended periods of time, our muscles continually contract and shorten. Essentially we …