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"Did she like the film?" - "Yes, she did."

Can't you see Rafael is in agony?

The leaves are turning red.

We didn't see Frank's face.

Doyle is an accomplished writer.

Women represent around half of the world's population but they account for more than 60% of those going hungry.

The world is not a petting zoo.

How about some tea?

They are happy about the result.

Things happen.

Don't forget that all of us are in the same boat.

Can you think of any better way to do this?

The price they are charging seems reasonable.


Mehrdad will help Jordan.


It'll be special.

Connie followed Morton in.

We need to step out of our comfort zone and try something new and challenging.

The great politician passed away in 1963.

Why do some wicked people feel the need to troll disruptively on Tatoeba?

He is subject to insomnia.

Buy yourself something to eat.

The CIA is watching you.

Here are the facts.

I want you to be nicer to Kusum.

How do you pronounce the symbol @ in this language? "ampersand"

Check with her.

I'd like to work with you.

Kikki didn't think Niall would enjoy the concert.

Everybody was very well dressed.

I tried to get Torsten to stop.

We spent the entire day on the beach.

Sunil is mad at Laurel for calling him stupid.

I don't want to kill you.

I am not a morning person.

I don't like that woman.


If he had not died so young, he would have become a great scientist.

Yvonne wants to spend time with me.

She is always afraid of being a klutz when going to parties.

That was the worst party I've ever been to.

Whatever happens, we have to be prepared.

Now it's my turn to ask a question.

I open the door and I see two boys standing next to each other.


Learning without thought is labor lost.

I've given up on you.

I gotta keep on movin'.

This book has many pictures.

Come and tell me all about yourself.

Kathy knew why Mike wanted to borrow thirty dollars.

Hundreds of fans are waiting for the singer.


Mott didn't want justice. He wanted revenge.

We ate breakfast at seven.

The athletic meeting has been postponed until the first fine day.

His work merits the highest praise.

Lucy should be in the kitchen now.

Let's be reasonable.

He admitted John yesterday.

I succeeded through your help.

I wish I could afford to rent it!

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Time is on my side.


The refugees in that camp have been living from hand to mouth for a month.

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What is in the desk?


Would you please tell me the story about bird watching?

This is as long as that.

I did it out of curiosity.

After a long day at work, nothing is better than a good night's sleep.

Takao booked a reservation at the restaurant through OpenTable.


I've never heard of this actor.

Horst promised to send the check by mail.

Tigger can't get his car started.

It would be helpful if you could do that for me.

We will travel to Los Angeles by way of Hawaii.


Could you hear Murray crying?


Vilhelm's limp is psychosomatic.

I wish this kind of thing never happened.

Do you think she will reach the top of the mountain?

Johnathan saw Susan.

Tell me about the Turkish in Germany.

This time Meeks succeeded.

My boyfriend dumped me when he found out I was pregnant.

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She triumphed against all odds.

The engine is purring.

You can't just come in here and start ordering people around.

Russian is a Slavic language.

They considered it a great injustice.

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Half-dead with fright, and trembling in every limb, the poor children lay down to sleep on a heap of straw in the corner of the hut.

Is there anything else I can get you?

I think it's highly unlikely that Sanjeev would be interested in buying your old MP3 player.


Daryl looked like he was prepared.

The moon doesn't have light of its own.

My father insisted that I should go to see the place.

The fact that I said nothing made him angry.

Sherman was deeply disturbed by this news.

He got out of the habit of smoking.

Joni had things to do.

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Please tell me if I get in your way.

Rain, rain, go away. / Come again another day.

My cram school is a long way from here.


They showed me a lot of beautiful photos.

You'll never change.

There are too many tourists.

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Part knew what was in Eric's suitcase.

She lighted a cigarette.

The wind must be gauged accurately.

Darin and I sat down to talk.

Today was still tomorrow yesterday, but today will be yesterday tomorrow.

He boasted of his courage.

It happened naturally.

The play was so popular that the theater was almost full.

When did you learn to drive?

Bradley looked ahead.

I saw this in a movie.

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Keep the news to yourself.

Mark the words which you cannot pronounce.

I really like it when you say my name.


Alain raised his hand to get the teacher's attention.


They talked about what they should do with the money.

Could I get you something?

I often break things when I'm angry.

He said he was suffering from a bad headache.

He darkens the room.

Vilhelm was stabbed three times.

My father quit smoking.

I knew that something wasn't right.

There were a dozen suspects in the case.

I will go, be the weather what it may.

Edward will be out here in a minute.


Idle hands are the Internet's workshop.


If he had been careful back then, the horrific accident would not have happened.

I'm not looking for a relationship.

I've only had two or three drinks.

Pickles given beat honey that's bought.

We can't do this anymore.

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At this library, you can borrow up to three books at a time.

John was bitterly disappointed.

The machine was working at full blast.

Only the Portuguese language has mesoclises.

You'll always be my best friend.


You wouldn't leave me here, would you?

Masanao had big money problems.

My childhood was completely taken away from me. There was no Christmas, no birthdays. It was not a normal childhood, no normal pleasures of childhood. Those were exchanged for hard work, struggle and pain, and eventual material and professional success.


What proof do you have that Bill was the one who stole your mother's necklace?

Have you ever heard Syun's music?

James probably likes Wilmer.

If you like.

I would do it if Barrett asked me to.


What was the weather like yesterday?


I can't drink such sweet stuff.


He is at home in a variety of fields.

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He is full of new ideas.


Unemployment is still high.

Pim likes carving pipes.

I wanted to live in Hokkaido, but I couldn't.

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My good friend, Kayvan, convinced me to go to Boston.

Just give the order.

Which is more valuable, time or money?

Since I've been on this diet, my weight is down, my cholesterol is down and my sleep apnea has completely disappeared.

Wilmer has a tendency to get a little worked up.


It's just like you say.

Srinivas shut the car door.

Jarl thinks Jerrie knows where John is.

Which movie did you watch last?

He's a dirty old man.

One must consider the facts before the decision.

We have to do that today.

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I'm so full.